Case Studies

We work with companies around the world to help them create plastic products that lower carbon emissions and dramatically improve the sustainability of their company as a whole. Here are some of the success stories.

Plant-Based Office Products

TOPS Office Products Canada had been receiving increased requests for desk and office accessories made with renewable materials that would also be better for the planet. Being a market leader and innovator in the office products industry, TOPS embraced the opportunity to partner with Solegear and Columbia Plastics to fully replace the petroleum-based plastic in […]

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Thermoformed Packaging with Enhanced Thermal Properties

A large, global consumer electronics brand approached its packaging partners to develop and implement more sustainable packaging options to meet its corporate objectives of increasing the use of renewable materials and reducing CO2 emissions. The final package also needed to withstand rigorous shipping conditions, which has typically been an issue with first generation bioplastic packaging […]

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Compostable Packaging for Business-to-Business Applications

NEOPERL, Inc., an innovative water flow equipment manufacturer, was committed to implementing sustainable ways of doing business throughout its full value chain, including finding better options for its B2B shipping and packaging requirements that would allow them to make the maximum possible reductions in fossil fuels and hazardous waste through an industrial composting program. In […]

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