At over 400 parts per million, CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere are at an all-time high. (NOAA). While we can continue to debate who’s to blame, what’s undeniable is that these emissions are having an impact on the equilibrium of our planet. Companies can make a big difference by scrutinizing their products and processes to curb their emissions. Customers can help by choosing products and services from companies who are taking end-to-end responsibility for the products they sell.

Bioplastics take less fossil fuel energy to produce and reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 60%* during manufacturing. Making the switch to bioplastics can be one of the easiest ways we can dramatically reduce our environmental impact.

*Up to 60% reduction in carbon emissions can be achieved in manufacturing due to lower processing temperatures and energy consumption. Actual CO2 reductions are product-specific and may be certified by a third party.