As a leading innovator in the bioplastics industry, we’ve jumped plenty of hurdles in our pursuit to make bioplastics a real-world option, and we know it won’t happen by offering a few off-the-shelf solutions. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering complementary services to help make your transition to using bioplastics a reality.

Eco-Package InsightsTM

Through our Eco-Package InsightsTM program, we offer complete sustainable packaging consulting services that will allow you to identify at-risk materials in your supply chain and understand safer alternatives

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Packaging Design

We know packaging design is an important part of the puzzle and can make a big difference in helping achieve your sustainability goals. Whether you’re looking to create bioplastic packaging from scratch or need to rightsize your current design, talk to us about our design services.

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Custom Polymer Engineering

There are thousands of grades of traditional plastic out there. So, trying to replace them with a few off-the-shelf options is likely not the answer. Our strong R&D partnerships mean we’re able to readily customize our current formulas and are always in the process of developing more advanced technology.

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