Our high-performance Polysole® and Traverse® biopolymers are made with the maximum possible amount of renewable materials, contain no chemicals of concern, are fully recyclable, and can even be compostable where appropriate industrial facilities exist. Switching to our bioplastics can help reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing by up to 60%, and making the change is easier than you think.

 Actual CO2 reductions are product-specific and may be certified by a third party.
Solegear uses California’s respected Proposition 65 to screen for chemicals of concern that have been identified as potentially hazardous to human health and the environment.

Product Categories

Consumer Products

The products that can benefit from a bioplastic makeover are nearly limitless. We’ve actively developed collections of consumer products powered by Solegear bioplastics, including our recently released office accessories line made with 85% plant-based materials and no hazardous chemicals.

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Plant-based packaging can help you achieve your environmental objectives and also give your products a fresh, new look. We can help you transition your thermoformed or injection-molded packaging as a drop-in replacement, and even help you rightsize or downgauge your packaging design at the same time.

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Durable Goods

Whether you’re impacted by concerns about your environmental footprint or focused on removing hazardous chemicals, our next generation bioplastics have been effectively used to create highly durable and specialized products, like office accessories, toys and retail display items.

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Product Documentation

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Find out more technical details about our bioplastic formulations.


Looking for Custom Work?

We know one size doesn’t fit all. Talk to us about how our engineers can customize a bioplastic solution to meet your product’s unique specifications.

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