Food Packaging

From Baked Goods to Ready Meals, Solegear produces durable and environmentally friendly plant-based packaging, loved by the earth and all taste buds.

We push the limits in design and provide the best packaging to not only display your creations, but enhance them. And we know that superior packaging is critical to the safety and success of your products, keeping food looking its best while retaining its freshness and preventing damage.

Bakery Ready Meals Produce

  • Cookies

    How does your cookie crumble? Show everyone you’ve got one tough cookie with our durable and environmentally friendly-packaging that showcases every ounce of delicious-ness (is that a word?!!).

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  • Mega Cupcakes & Muffins

    Of course bigger is better – we’re talking about baked goods, aren’t we? Keep your super-sized creations fresh and intact with our mega cupcake and muffin packaging.

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  • Traditional Cupcakes & Muffins

    We don’t know which came first – the cupcake or the muffin – but we do know how to make them look their very best in our sturdy, 99% plant-based cupcake and muffin packaging.

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  • Mini Cupcakes

    Don’t let your petite treats get the short end of the stick. Keep them looking just as great as their larger cousins with our durable and environmentally-friendly mini cupcake packaging.

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  • Single Serve Cupcakes

    Available in both traditional and mega sizes, our durable and environmentally-friendly single serve packaging keeps cupcakes perfectly fresh without smooshing your gorgeous icing.

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  • Pound & Loaf Cakes

    Sliced or whole, these classic treats withstand the test of time and will disappear in an instant, especially with our sturdy, 99% plant-based pound and loaf cake packaging.

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  • Cakes & Pies

    Have your cake and keep it fresh too, with our trusty Cake and Pie Packaging. This clear, durable and environmentally-friendly packaging will keep cakes fresh and always intact.

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  • Brownies & Bars

    You don’t want brownies to lose their ooey gooey goodness. Keep your brownies and bars fresh and intact with our durable and environmentally-friendly Brownie/Bar Packaging.

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  • Donuts, Danishes & Rolls

    They’re delicious and they’re delicate! Keep them fresh and intact with our durable and environmentally-friendly bakery packaging. We won’t tell if there are none left for later.

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  • Specialty Bakery

    From eclairs to rosettes to croissants, and everything in between, appearance is key. Our durable, 99% plant-based packaging gives your specialty items the stage they deserve.

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  • Appies & Sides

    Keep your appies and sides looking scrumptious with our durable and environmentally-friendly packaging. We’re getting the munchies just thinking about them!

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  • Sandwich & Lunch Kits

    However you slice it, everyone loves a good sandwich. Our bioplastic sandwich packaging includes options from single-serve to family size, and easy-to-open hinged and unhinged containers.

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  • Berries & Tomatoes

    Too hot? Too cold? Too humid? No way! Keep your berries and tomatoes garden fresh with our durable and environmentally-friendly vented packaging.

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  • Fresh Cut Fruits & Veggies

    Who’s got time for all that chopping? From pineapple to melons to carrots and even broccoli ( : (( ), keep them looking their finest with our sturdy and environmentally-friendly fruit and veggie packaging.

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  • Sushi & Rolls

    Everyone loves sushi these days, and some trends, you’ve just got to “roll” with them. Yep, we let that get through editing. We can all have some fun while we’re saving the planet, can’t we?

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  • Prepared Salads

    Shouldn’t your packaging be just as healthy as the stuff that’s in it? Get more greens with our durable and environmentally-friendly salad packaging.

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  • Fresh Herbs

    When it comes to culinary adventures, fresh green herbs are always the way to go. Keep your herbs bright and blemish-free with our durable and environmentally-friendly hanging herb packaging.

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