Durable Goods

Whether you’re impacted by concerns about your environmental footprint or focused on removing hazardous chemicals, our next generation bioplastics have been effectively used to create highly durable and specialized products, like office accessories, toys and retail display items.

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    Retail Display Items

    Our bioplastics deliver the impact resistance and durability to stand up to the most demanding retail environments.

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    Understanding the importance of toy safety, Solegear uses no Chemical of High Concern in any of our plant-based plastics.

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    Pet Accessories

    Solegear’s XD line of plant-based bioplastics delivers superior durability and can replace ABS in pet accessory applications.

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    Electronic Enclosures

    Solegear’s bioplastics have been designed to meet the specific needs for thinner, smaller, more durable enclosures.

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    Fashion Accessories

    Solegear’s bioplastics work with existing manufacturing equipment to deliver great looking accessories in a myriad of colors.

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Know exactly what you’re looking for? Find out more technical details about our bioplastic formulations.


Looking for Custom Work?

We know one size doesn’t fit all. Talk to us about how our engineers can customize a bioplastic solution to meet your product’s unique specifications.

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