A large, global consumer electronics brand approached its packaging partners to develop and implement more sustainable packaging options to meet its corporate objectives of increasing the use of renewable materials and reducing CO2 emissions. The final package also needed to withstand rigorous shipping conditions, which has typically been an issue with first generation bioplastic packaging materials.

r-pac International and Solegear partnered up to develop a high-quality, durable thermoformed plastic insert and recyclable cardstock sleeve that maintained excellent visibility of the product and ease of opening the package, while also passing ISTA 2A testing protocols for warm weather and container shipping conditions.

Solegear’s Traverse® TF4000 material with enhanced thermal properties was customized specifically to meet the needs of this customer project. Verified to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 55°C without sacrificing impact resistance and visual clarity, Traverse TF4000 sheets were thermoformed on r-pac International’s existing manufacturing equipment to further test the real-world applicability of this material as a drop-in replacement for PET and PVC thermoformed packaging.

Traverse TF4000 was subsequently certified as a USDA BioPreferred® packaging material with 47% bio-based content, one of the highest percentages of bio-based content available that offers heat resistance suitable for container shipping conditions while also maintaining excellent transparency.