NEOPERL, Inc., an innovative water flow equipment manufacturer, was committed to implementing sustainable ways of doing business throughout its full value chain, including finding better options for its B2B shipping and packaging requirements that would allow them to make the maximum possible reductions in fossil fuels and hazardous waste through an industrial composting program.

In collaboration with Ex-Tech Plastics and TEQ who provided valuable packaging design and manufacturing expertise, Solegear developed Polysole® TF2020, a recyclable and industrially compostable thermoforming bioplastic with no chemicals of concern and 90% plant-based content as verified using the ASTM D6866 standard. Understanding that product protection could not be compromised, Polysole TF2020 also offered excellent impact resistance and folding/bending capabilities to protect NEOPERL’s products during shipment.

Following production of molds and appropriate shipping performance testing, NEOPERL approved Solegear’s Polysole TF2020 bioplastic packaging for OEM aerator products with initial delivery in October 2014 – at no additional cost to their prior packaging program. Additional and ongoing CO2 emission reduction benefits have been achieved with manufacturing being re-shored from Asia to Ex-Tech and TEQ’s Illinois-based facilities.