Having founded our company on the idea of sustainability, we’re committed to making our communities healthier, safer and stronger.  With a large number of chemicals identified as potentially harmful to human health and the environment being used to produce traditional plastics, being able to represent the safety of your packaging choices is a real concern. Through our Eco-Package InsightsTM program, we offer complete sustainable packaging consulting services that will allow you to:

  • Identify at-risk materials in your supply chain and understand safer alternatives
  • Create a packaging plan that reduces reliance on fossil fuels and eliminates Chemicals of Concer
  • Design your sustainable packaging to not only reduce materials, but also maximize shelf life and appeal
  • Create compelling sustainable marketing and branding to drive awareness and sales
  • Develop sustainability reporting that identifies toxicity risks and provides you with reassurance that the packaging materials you’re using are safer for your customers and the environment

Our unique quantitative methodology provides our customers with full visibility to the safety of all our packaging materials across 15 unique risk factors, including carcinogenity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, bioaccumulation and persistence in the environment.

Talk to us about how Eco-Package Insights’ program can give you the assurance that your packaging is safe and secure for your customers.

Solegear uses California’s respected Proposition 65 list of chemicals of concern that have been identified as potentially hazardous to human health and the environment.