Solegear CEO one of 40 Global Industry Leaders to Support The New Plastics Economy Movement

January 19, 2017   Company Posts

January 19, 2017 (Vancouver, BC) We’re happy to announce that our CEO, Paul Antoniadis has been named as one of the first 40 industry leaders to support the New Plastics Economy initiative and endorse The New Plastics Economy Catalysing Action report, published by Ellen MacArthur Foundation earlier this week on January 16th, 2017.

Paul highlighted the importance of decoupling plastics from fossil fuels right at the beginning of the lifecycle to accelerate the transition into a new plastics economy. “To ensure we can retain the benefits of plastic packaging, we have to rethink and change how we use it, dispose of it and of course, how we create plastic material in the first place. Solegear believes that renewable bioplastics are an important element of the New Plastics Economy. This new report shows how to move from rethinking the plastics system to taking action towards a circular economy – we are ready to play our role!”

Along with Solegear, other industry leaders who supported the initiative and committed to taking action include top level executives from global leaders such as Unilever, United Nations, Danone, Mars and the Coca-Cola Company.

First published in January 2016, the original ‘New Plastics Economy-Rethinking the future of plastics’ report is a multi-industry, global initiative that aims to accelerate business-driven innovations and help scale the circular economy over a three-year timeframe. The most recently released Catalysing Action report begins to lay out the necessary steps and plans for a transition into this new economy. It acts as a next step from the 2016 report and shows a targeted plan and the transition strategies for the three plastic packaging categories covering the market.

The full report can be found at To read for about Solegear’s plastic packaging applications made from the maximum possible renewable materials, click here.