Solegear Bioplastic Technologies Inc. is a global-leading bioplastic technology company that is fundamentally changing the way plastics are made. We work in partnership with major brand and retail customers to transform existing everyday-use consumer goods and packaging into certified, plant-based products that meet rapidly increasing consumer demand for more sustainable options.

Every year, about 688 billion pounds of plastic is produced globally. Despite recent efforts, only about 12% of plastics are actively recycled. This means well over ½ trillion pounds of traditional plastic is being discarded annually, piling up in landfills and eventually leaching hazardous chemicals into our water tables. A quick search for “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” brings to light the sheer magnitude of the issue. However, plastics are lightweight, versatile, and can greatly reduce reliance on fossil fuels in shipping compared to glass or metal. So, what if we could fundamentally change the composition of plastics so they do less harm?

Since 2006, Solegear has been developing proprietary, next-generation bioplastics that meet or exceed the performance characteristics of petroleum-based plastics. Solegear’s two proprietary, patent-pending product lines, Polysole® and Traverse®, have been developed using the maximum possible percentage of annually renewable plant-based materials, no chemicals of concern (CoHCs) and can greatly reduce CO2 emissions in manufacturing compared to traditional plastics. All of Solegear’s next generation bioplastics can be dropped into existing manufacturing equipment in a cost-effective manner, meaning the transition to bioplastics can be as seamless as possible.

We have the technology right here. We can help you lower CO2 emissions, become a more sustainable company and be part of the solution to our 688 billion pound global problem. We’re doing it for customers right now and we’re ready to show you how Solegear’s next generation bioplastics can help you achieve your sustainability objectives.